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About Us

Thanks for stopping up" CEO/Founder Lisa Moyo

Thanks for stopping by "CEO/Founder Lisa Moyo"

As vegan fitness enthusiasts, we noticed the lack of a centralized online plant-based supplement store in the UK, that went in hand with our active lifestyles.

The dread of having to go through multiple websites to get you need?   

Even after finding companies that sold plant-based supplements, a large majority tended to stock their own branded products without a great range or variety. The light bulb went off! Let’s make it easier for you to browse/purchase a variety of stock instead of just ending up buying because:

“It’s a well-known brand”

You have already spent enough time online going through individual brands, “I just want my supplements and can’t spend more time looking online”

“A friend uses it, so it must work and should be what I need for my diet/training”

Look no further! Say goodbye to buying your protein powder from one source and bars etc elsewhere.

It is important for Root Strength to bridge that gap and introduce an easier way to get what you need when you want it.

We stock a wide range of fantastic brands, who might otherwise be overlooked and more to come ;)

We just want you to try/buy what suits your needs because all fitness and dietary requirements are unique to the individual.